Dr Joseph Ischia

Dr Joseph Ischia is a urologist with a special interest in urologic oncology.

He completed a two year clinical and research post-doctoral uro-oncology fellowship at the Vancouver Prostate Centre in Vancouver, Canada. In Vancouver, he performed research focusing on targeting the insulin-like growth factor binding proteins with a novel antisense in the treatment of advanced castration- and enzalutamide- resistant prostate cancer with Prof Martin Gleave.

Joseph graduated medicine from Melbourne University in 1998 where he also completed his PHD (2012) investigating the role of a neuroendocrine growth factor (gastrin-releasing peptide) and its precursor in the growth of renal cell cancer. As well as his clinical duties, he continues to be heavily involved in research at the The University of Melbourne, Austin Hospital where he is currently studying the protective role of Zinc in renal ischaemia and prostate cancer progression.